DBFS2020 – Anne Versailles:”Geopoetic crossing” Soundwalk

“Walking, we couldn’t find anything better to go slower,” says philosopher Frederic Gros. Going slower is a current emergency! Slowness engages another look, another listening. The rhythm of walking induces a form of contemplation, meditation, poetry… a rift between what we see, what we know, what we feel and what we perceive ; like a shift in perception, that moment when we no longer know where we are and where something can emerge. This sound piece, written from sounds gleaned while crossing various landscapes, recomposes a landscape that takes the listener away, far from his bearings, and loses him…

This piece can be listened to while walking, or lying down, eyes closed…

Duration 35min

Interview of Anne on the occasion of the screening of this play in Brussels in January 2020 :


> Listen Geopoetic crossing

Originaly trained as a bio-eco-geographer, Anne Versailles is today a walker, geopoet and sound artist. In her backpack, there are always maps, a notebook, her microphones and a camera. She walks, crosses territories, gleaning words, images and sounds from them. Then she composes landscapes. She works on the border between text, image and sound. Based in Brussels, Anne publishes, creates multimedia poems, performs, leads workshops. 


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