water walk seeks to explore the symbiosis of internal and external water sources within the body and the atmosphere. water walk will include interactive, sense-based guides and engage with inner and outer themes of water. Harnessing the fluid, meditative quality of water; the paper will guide a walking pattern that seeks to meander, formlessly like the river or the stream through the landscape. The walk will take place within a twenty five minute time frame, with the ultimate ending point unique to the individual. water walk intends to follow a liminal process; beginning in the indoor environment and journeying outdoors. water walk is ambiguous in its sense of placelessness and is undetermined by rural or urban contexts. It is unfixed, bound to the experience of the elements. It is an exploration of and an immersion into water. 

Water work can be engaged with during rainfall or imagined rainfall, just as it can unfold as either a physical walk or an imagined mind walk. 

Instructions: Please have a bottle of water / glass of water with you before the sound walk commences. You will be instructed to have a drink of water. Please begin the walk indoors initially; you will be led outdoors, where the journey will begin. 

Listen Stephanie Whitelaw: Waterwalk


Artist Bio

Following organic processes of ephemerality and fluidity, my Art endeavours to connect people with place, revealing the threads that run through ourselves and our environment. The interrelation between ourselves and Nature vibrates itself through my practice and my life. Walking Arts forms the basis of all my work; spanning across installation, land art and participatory art. I believe there is a softness that resides in nature – a softness that can stir, heal and inspire. I am interested in what nature can evoke for us creatively – what it can mirror and unfold. I believe we open ourselves up while walking with&in nature- a liminal state – and its in this liminal state where I believe real fluidity and unfixed possibility exists. Eco-therapy is woven through my facilitated works; building safe spaces that encourage a deeper sense of understanding ourselves, each other and the eco-system which we are a part of.


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