DBFS2020 – Stefaan van Biesen / Geert Vermeire: “Hythlodaeus / Utopia” soundwalk

Stefaan van Biesen / Geert Vermeire


Soundwalk ‘Hythlodaeus / Utopia”  composed out of the poem ‘Unfolding the City’ by Geert Vermeire and ‘Siren’ by Stefaan van Biesen. Voice and composition by Stefaan van Biesen. Field recordings by Geert Vermeire and Stefaan van Biesen. The name of the sound piece is inspired by the explorer of Utopia, originated during field recordings of walks of the artists in Venice and in Antwerp where Thomas More wrote his book. This digital material was composed to a soundscape for the Utopia sound project for Cities and Memory.

Listen Hythlodaeus / Utopia soundwalk

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