DBFS2020 – Laura Reeder: Pandemic Pilgrimage

Laura K. Reeder

Pandemic Pilgrimage

In the spring of 2020, I developed a series of “cultivators” which are large-scale labyrinth drawings carved into the earth to reflect a walk and to create a walk. These cultivators reflected a pilgrimage along the Camino Primitivo that was lost…and a pilgrimage within a ten-mile radius of my home that was
found…due to the constraints of a global pandemic. The world was changing quickly. Social distancing and isolation were essential practices. In time, international “Black Lives Matter” protests against systemic racism and violence to people of color erupted. Tensions around staying home or going out
among others were part of daily life.
This video collage of cultivators and walks juxtapose research that I began in early March 2020 on urban desire lines with pathways that I walked over a ten-day period in early May.

A link to the video is here:

Pandemic Pilgrimage 2020 by Laura Reeder


Laura K. Reeder, PhD
Lecturer in Art, Arts Education Policy & Advocacy
Boston University
College of Fine Arts
Boston, Massachusetts
Laura K. Reeder, PhD explores relationships that form through teaching and learning among people and environments. Her large-scale “Cultivators” are ephemeral drawings that document a walk and that create a new space for movement. Her work as an artist, as a teacher, and a human can be found at

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