RADIONOMADA project. A trip. A walk on radio-map

The RADIONÔMADA Project is a radio-map landscape, which consisted of a 38-day walk through the interior of the Iberian Peninsula between Barcelona and Porto and the creation of a radio-map: a digital radio station with live broadcast and graphical user interface map with trail and geolocation on the Google Maps platform. It is an artistic project of geosonorous mapping of the narrative of local radios and the behavior of radio waves during their propagation in space in relation to the geographical landscape of the territories; walking, as a cartographic process and radio as a collective instrument of map design and modulation.

The project had two simultaneous and related faces. One of the faces was walking along paths, roads, pueblos (the Spanish call pueblo what the Portuguese call a village, smaller urban complexes than a village). Spanish and Portuguese towns, villages and cities, with a backpack equipped with an analog radio and an auxiliary antenna, suitable for the FM band, capturing the broadcasts of the local radios where our route passed. The other side of the project consisted of relaying via streaming, that is, live over the internet, the audio from local broadcasters captured by the analog radio we carried in our backpack. The analog radio audio was digitized and sent in real time to the website created to host the map radio. The graphical interface related the sound transmitted to the corresponding place on the map. The radio map programming of the RADIONÓMADA Project was a random programming, a result of the re-transmission of the musical programming of the local radios we passed. A sound collage randomly composed by the encounter with people and the FM broadcasting antennas. We talk about random programming because the tuning of the radios we relayed was determined by the route as we moved farther from one transmitting antenna and toward another. The programming of the radio map is a soundscape composed of the path and the geographic features of the path.

RADIONÔMADA is the landscape of the geographic and sonorous experience of the territory, a landscape modulated by the interaction of radio wave flow in the geography of the territory. Radio waves shaping the landscape, due to the sound disorder of the geographical reliefs.

RADIONÔMADA is about the propagation of sound in space in relation to man and landscape.

Rodrigo Paglieri